Have your say on the business use of public land
  • Saturday 05 March 2011

Sunshine Coast Council is seeking feedback from the community on its policy and process for regulating the business use of public land.

The Commercial Use of Community Land Policy was developed with the aim of achieving a balance between the increasing demands for business use of community land and the need to ensure public safety, access to, and enjoyment of, the land.

Council is currently conducting a review of the new policy and the tender process. Two surveys – including a business sector survey and a general community survey – are now available for feedback on council’s website until Sunday 20 March.

Economic Development and Council Entrepreneurship Portfolio Councillor Lew Brennan said the main focus of the policy was to ensure community use of public land remained an option to help maintain diverse economic opportunities, while also ensuring that any commercial activity provided a positive benefit to the community.

"We are committed to working with the whole community to provide a better, fairer and safer system for businesses operating across community land while still being respectful of the public’s wishes and mindful of the environmental impact," Cr Brennan said.

The implementation of the Commercial Use of Community Land Policy involved an extensive tender process for permits with the first round of tenders closing in July last year. At that time, a total of 63 valid tenders were received for different business types across a number of locations on the Sunshine Coast.

Community Policy and Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said council welcomed feedback from the business and general community about the new policy.

"As this was the first time Sunshine Coast Council had issued tenders for the commercial use of community land, we need to ensure the policy and the implementation process is achieving the policy objectives that we agreed to and which our community supported," Cr McKay said.

"To form part of council’s review of the policy and tender process, we are seeking feedback from the community about the policy and the tender process."

If you would like to have your say about the council policy or tender process, you are invited to complete a questionnaire which can be accessed on the ‘Community Engagement’ section of council’s website.

The survey closes at midnight on Sunday 20 March 2011.

The review of the Commercial Use of Community Land Policy is due to be completed by 30 April 2011.