Have your say on the draft Sustainable Transport Strategy
  • Friday 17 September 2010

Sunshine Coast Council has taken a step towards creating a sustainable, highly efficient, integrated and safe transport system for the region, by releasing its draft Sustainable Transport Strategy, and related Active Transport Plan for public comment.

The documents are now available on council’s website for comment as part of the next phase of Our Place Our Future community engagement program.

The strategy highlights the challenges and opportunities associated with increasing public transport use and providing suitable options to service the region well into the future.

Integrated Transport Portfolio holder Councillor Vivien Griffin said that moving towards more sustainable modes of transport is vital to protecting our unique lifestyle.

“At the moment, about 85 per cent of our trips are by private motor vehicle and unless we develop real alternatives for many of our trips, the impacts on our lifestyle, landscape and environment will be significant,” Cr Griffin said.

“As well as this, the economic future of the Sunshine Coast relies on protecting our unique regional economic competitive advantage, which is all about our great lifestyle. We do not want to turn into a congested, second-rate imitation of Brisbane.

“The strategy is very clear that sustainable transport is fundamental to our goal of economic self-containment, rather than turning into a dormitory suburb of Brisbane.”

“The Draft Sustainable Transport Strategy, and related Active Transport Plan, will to help to ensure that our region is accessible and connected using various modes of travel including public transport, walking and cycling.

“This will not only help to reduce our dependency on the car, but will also help to improve our lifestyle, health and contribute to the sustainability of the region.”

Cr Griffin said that both documents incorporate the extensive community feedback received on the transport discussion paper released during Our Place Our Future late last year.

“Our strategy promotes public and active transport in preference to new roads designed solely for private vehicles and identifies the important linkage between major development and our transport corridors,” Cr Griffin said.

“It also contains a broad range of parking management initiatives to encourage the use of more sustainable travel in the longer term.”

“I invite the community to have their say on both documents.”

The Draft Sustainable Transport Strategy and Draft Active Transport Plan are part of council's ongoing Our place, Our future campaign which aims to develop a strategic approach to planning the future of the Sunshine Coast region in partnership with the community.

The feedback will inform the development of a final Sunshine Coast Sustainable Transport Strategy and Active Transport Plan, which is anticipated to be presented to council for consideration before Christmas.

The community is invited to have its say on the Draft Sustainable Transport Strategy by sending council a detailed submission before 4.30pm, Friday 8 November 2010.

Council encourages you to download the document from the Have your say page, however if you require a CD or hard copy please contact customer service centre on 5475 7272.

Send feedback to ourplace@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au or Sunshine Coast Council, Draft Sustainable Transport Strategy, Reply Paid 84374, Sunshine Coast Mail Centre Qld 4560.

The decision to release the documents for public comment was made at today’s Ordinary Meeting of Council.