Heal the planet from within
  • Wednesday 09 November 2011

Sunshine Coast Libraries invites you to join Carmen Wyld, author of the book, Heal the Planet from Within to discover how this book could help improve your life.

Ms Wyld will be visiting various Sunshine Coast libraries throughout November to talk about how everyone can make a difference by looking within to help heal the planet.

"It takes a changed way of thinking to heal the planet. One of the most important steps in changing the way we do things is to know yourself deeply," Carmen Wyld said.

"It's vital to look within and realise the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotions and feelings that you carry. With this knowledge you have the power to make desired changes to improve your life."

The library talks will be followed by a short activity where Carmen will lead guests through 3 things they would like to improve/change in their life.

 Date & Month
 10 November
 5499 5444
 9 November
 5454 9000
 18 November
 5435 3100
 5475 8900
 16 November
 5441 8332
 17 November
 5442 4411


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