Help for Kin Kin residents only a phone call away
  • Tuesday 14 April 2009

After visiting more than 300 properties at Kin Kin to offer help, support and advice after last week’s heavy rain and flooding, the multi-agency outreach teams are physically pulling out of town but residents can rest assured that if further help is needed – it’s only a phone call away.

Six teams of officers representing the Sunshine Coast Council, state government and welfare agencies have been on the ground at Kin Kin all this week.

The teams were based at the Kin Kin School of the Arts in Main Street.

Co-ordinated by the Sunshine Coast Local Disaster Manager Group (LDMG), the service has offered both social and environmental health support and advice for residents hit hard in the disaster.

If you still require help, the Department of Communities can be contacted on 1800 173 349.

To help clean-up, residents are encouraged to use the skips which are available near the School of the Arts, to dump rubbish and debris.

The Pomona transfer station is back to its normal opening times however debris from can still be dumped for free.

Council will continue the work of cleaning-up, repairing roads and addressing damage throughout the region as part of its normal program.