Help solve the Maroochy River boathouse mystery
  • Wednesday 28 October 2015
Maroochy River boathouse jetty

For years residents and visitors to the region have admired the quaint boathouse jetties on the shores of the Maroochy River and now council needs your help to identify two of their owners.

Division 8 Councillor Jason O’Pray said the five boathouse jetties nestled on the banks of the river, adjacent to Bradman Avenue, were excellent examples of our region’s coastal heritage dating back to the 1940s.

“Residents and visitors to the region would have many fond memories of these iconic jetties,” Cr O’Pray said.

“Over the years many people have fished from them and used them to sit and watch the river go by.

“Council is now looking to find the owners of these boathouses which have appeared in thousands of photographs.

“While we have found three owners through queries to the State Government, we are still looking for the final two.

“Council would like to address a range of safety and amenity issues associated with these structures while preserving our rich heritage and are keen to hear from anyone who knows who may own the final two boathouses.”

Cr O’Pray said there were some   interesting historical facts about the Bradman Avenue boathouse jetties.

“The oldest approved jetty appears to date back to 1947 when a resident of Buderim wrote to the Department of Harbours and Marine and advised that in 1945, when they purchased the property, it included a jetty,” Cr O’Pray said.

“The owner was informed that the jetty needed to be registered so they contacted the Department.

“They described the jetty as well built and one of the best on the river situated on the downstream edge of the Cod Hole in front of their house.

“It is very important that we preserve our rich Sunshine Coast heritage.

“I’d urge anyone in the community to contact council if they have any details which will help us in identifying the remaining two owners of the boathouse jetties.”

If you have any details, please contact council’s Coordinator Coastal, Constructed Water Bodies and Planning on 5475 7272 or email