Help spread our message, says Mayor
  • Friday 05 June 2015

Mayor Mark Jamieson has urged the Sunshine Coast’s business community to join him in selling the economic credentials and opportunities in the region.

Speaking at the end of the Sunshine Coast Business Council’s conference on “The challenges for regional Australia in a competitive investment market”, Mayor Jamieson said promoting the Coast was “not a difficult challenge to take up”.

“It will assist enormously in promoting the region for investment which generates the jobs and prosperity from which all in our community will benefit,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“We have an outstanding story to tell about the Sunshine Coast - one that most other regions in this country would give their eye teeth to be able to tell.

“The reality is that this is an important time in our history.

“You have heard this afternoon about how a region can - and should - seek to distinguish itself in attracting investment.

“We can do this – and in fact, as the region’s principal salesperson – I can tell you we are.”

The Sunshine Coast is one of Queensland’s fastest growing regions and one of Australia’s top 10 urban areas, based on population.

Its economy has nearly doubled in size in the last decade to reach $13.8 billion – on the back of an average annual growth rate since 2001 of 4.05% per annum.

The average annual rate of growth is higher than Australia’s average annual growth rate of just over 3% for the same period.

“This region is well and truly on the move,” Mayor Jamieson told the conference.

“We are outperforming the majority of other regions in Queensland and indeed, most regions nationally.

“Our growth trajectory is not petering out.

“We must continue to position our region as one of the best locations for investment in Australia.

“We have a clear and believable message which was reinforced to me during my recent overseas investment mission.

"To help us maintain the momentum, I ask everyone in the business community to take any and every opportunity to talk up the credentials and opportunities in this region."