Hoons deterred from Sippy Downs park
  • Thursday 12 March 2015
Skid marks ruin grass in recreational area

Wisteria Crescent residents are pleased with Sunshine Coast Council’s plans to help deter antisocial behaviour in the public green space near their homes.

Division 6 Councillor Christian Dickson said he empathised with local residents’ desire to ensure a safe neighbourhood for their families.

“I take the concerns of these families very seriously,” Cr Dickson said.

“The actions of these inconsiderate hoons and their antisocial behaviour in the recreational area behind Wisteria Crescent in Sippy Downs have caused considerable worry for the residents and concern for public safety.

“Following engagement with residents over the last few weeks, Council has developed an action plan to help deter these undesirable elements from visiting the area.

“Locked gates and bollards will be installed to prevent vehicle access to the park while still allowing pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

"Culverts along the edges of the access roads are expected to deter the more determined from detouring around the gates”.

Wisteria Crescent home owner Mr Tony Nanninga said residents were pleased with the quick response from Cr Dickson, Council and the police and looked forward to being able to relax and enjoy their peaceful neighbourhood once again.

“Council has quickly responded to our concerns and we are happy with the action plan they have developed,” Mr Nanninga said.

“The Queensland Police Service are also being proactive, increasing patrols in the area and moving on any unwelcome visitors.

“Residents in this area want to be able to let our kids have fun in the neighbourhood again.

"We want to enjoy some peace and quiet, as that’s why we chose to live here.

“We can’t wait for the gates and bollards to be installed as we have had enough of having to put up with these louts.”

Installation of the gates and bollards is expected to be completed by the end of April.