Irresponsible dog owners warned: You will be prosecuted
  • Friday 08 August 2014

Sunshine Coast’s irresponsible dog owners are copping the full force of the local council’s enforcement powers, with 15 court prosecutions and 526 fines since January this year.
Sunshine Coast Council Director Community Services Coralie Nichols yesterday said council had a zero tolerance to irresponsible dog ownership.
“To owners of dogs that attack – we will enforce to the full extent of the law which could include fines between $5,000 and over $30,000 and the euthanasia of your dog,” Ms Nichols said.
“There has been another dog attack this morning in Caloundra West – that’s 38 over the past four weeks.
“Council has seized a German-Shepherd that bit an 82-year-old man in Caloundra West on the leg and will hold the dog until the investigation is complete.”
This latest attack comes on the back of another in Buderim yesterday, in which a dog and a cat were killed.
“The owner has surrendered one of the dogs involved in yesterday’s attack and it has been euthanised,” Ms Nichols said.
“We have again interviewed witnesses today in relation to the other two dogs involved in yesterday’s incident, to seek new evidence about previous incidents.
“The dogs will remain impounded until the investigation is complete. 
“It’s time dog owners took responsibility of managing and controlling their animals so innocent people and pets are protected.
“People have the right to feel safe in their community. 
“We want all dog owners on the Sunshine Coast to take responsibility for ensuring their dogs are on leads when they are out in the public, that their homes are adequately fenced so their dogs do not roam in our community, that their dogs are desexed unless the dogs are part of a registered breeding program.
“Dogs should attend socialisation and training programs and all dogs need to be registered with Council. 
“These incidents further strengthen council’s resolve to come down hard on irresponsible dog ownership.”
If you experience or witness dogs acting aggressively towards people or animals contact council on 5475 7272, so we can investigate as soon as possible and take relevant action.


• Council Fines – Roaming, Dog off-leash in on leash area - $227
• Dog attack fines (maximum) issued by the court:

- Attack causing bodily harm to person or animal - $5692
- Attack causing death or grievous bodily harm to an animal - $11,385
- Attack causing death or grievous bodily harm to an person - $34,155.