It’s raining cats and dogs
  • Wednesday 26 November 2014

While exciting for some, fireworks, thunder and lightning can be very frightening for our furry friends.

Community Partnership Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said unfortunately the onset of storm season and end-of-year events with fireworks could mean an increase in the number of stray animals reported to Sunshine Coast Council.

“We are calling on owners to please take extra care of their cats and dogs and ensure they are safely contained within their property, particularly during storms or when there are firework displays nearby,” Cr McKay said.

“If you have a pet that is fearful of loud noises consider making them a safe place, upstairs with you or a safe dark space outside.

“In their panic, pets can often somehow manage to escape properties you think impenetrable.

“If they experience true distress, consider consulting your vet for options to help keep them calm.

“If you find a stray pet or your pet is missing, phone Council on 5475 7272.”

Council works closely with fellow Pet Partnership Group members – including the Australian Veterinary Association, 4Paws Animal Rescue, Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge and the RSPCA – to encourage and promote responsible pet ownership throughout the Sunshine Coast region.

President of 4 Paws, Julie Penlington said they were also inundated with lost animals following a storm or celebratory event involving fireworks and many of the pets did not have any identification or it was not up-to-date.

“The storm season always reinforces the importance of having your animal registered and microchipped,” Ms Penlington said.

“Registered and microchipped dogs and cats can quickly be reunited with their owners if they stray.

“Also remember to ensure your pet’s microchip and registration details are up-to-date with your microchip register to help council, the vet or lost animal shelter to reunite you quickly and easily.

“If your pet goes missing and your microchip details are not up-to-date and you do not know which database the chip is registered to, visit Council’s website for some simple tips about how to resolve this quickly.”

All dogs and cats must be registered and wear a Council-issued registration tag when in public. Significant reduction in registration fees apply for desexed and microchipped dogs and cats, and for pensioners.