I’ve just seen a turtle, what do I do?
  • Wednesday 09 December 2009

Turtle nesting season has started and with a few disturbances already recorded on Coast beaches council is issuing some top tips to ensure the turtles can lay their eggs in peace.

Julie O’ Connor, council’s turtle care coordinator, said the turtles are being disturbed by well meaning and curious onlookers.

“In only four days, we have seen 15 incidents where turtles have crawled onto the beach but returned to the water without laying, after being disturbed by people and dogs on the beach,” Ms O’Connor

“It is such a magical sight to see a turtle lay her eggs, but we want to make sure we don’t love them to death by interfering with their ability to nest on our beaches said.

“Turtles expend an enormous amount of energy crawling up the beach and repeated unsuccessful attempts, reduce the chances of her survival and impact on the nesting success for the season.

“By following these top tips, residents and visitors can make sure they do not hinder our nesting turtles,” Ms O Connor said.

Turtle 101

If you are on the beach when a turtle emerges from the water, stand still. If the turtle sees movement on the beach it will usually turn around and go back into the water without laying.

Restrain dogs to prevent them disturbing the turtle.

If you have a mobile phone with you, call the coordinator, TurtleCare Sunshine Coast on 0437 559067 to arrange for volunteers to come out and tend to the nest.

For further information on council’s turtle conservation program, visit www.turtlecare.com.au