Judge hands down $16,184 fine to irresponsible dog owner
  • Thursday 04 December 2014

A Sunshine Coast man has today been fined more than $16,000 in Nambour Magistrates Court after his two dogs viciously attacked a jogger in Chevallum in May.

The victim sustained multiple injuries including deep wounds and lacerations to his neck, arms, chest, and face and a broken leg.

Sunshine Coast Council Director Community Services Coralie Nichols said Council would not tolerate irresponsible dog ownership.

“Council has successfully prosecuted 22 cases this year, and last month set a precedent in Queensland for a grievous bodily harm conviction and $15,000 fine relating to a serious attack on an elderly man by a declared dangerous dog,” Ms Nichols said.

“Today’s case involved two large dogs persistently attacking and chasing the 33-year-old victim off the public road and into the bushes. The attack resulted in the victim’s hospitalisation.

“He feared for his life. It must have been terrifying.

“A neighbour heard his cries and came to the rescue by fending the dogs off with a stick and holding them at bay until emergency services arrived.”

Ms Nichols said the community had a right to feel safe and enforced the council’s local laws to protect that right.

“This includes ensuring dogs are registered, under control at all times and on leash when in public unless signs indicate otherwise and that they are adequately contained on their property and cannot roam,” she said.

“The dogs involved in this incident – a Boxer Cross Mastiff and Bull Arab Cross Ridgeback – were both unregistered and left to roam on a property with no containment or enclosure while their owners went to work.

“They were left unattended and unrestrained.

“We hope this case acts as a deterrent to all owners that this type of irresponsible behaviour is completely unacceptable and Council will persecute to the full extent of the law which could include fines up to $34,000.”