Keeping growth in check
  • Saturday 27 September 2008

With a bumper wet season forecast for the region, Sunshine Coast Council is getting ready for a big task ahead. With over 1,600 sites to mow in the central area alone, the mowing machines will be out in force.

Nicholas Coluccio, Parks and Bushland services manager for the central region explained that last season, we received nearly double the average rainfall which caused a mowing backlog.

“With an area the size of 297 large AFL grounds, just in the central area, we were pushed to keep on top of the growth,” he said.

“It didn’t help that when the weather did break, the wet surface conditions meant that we couldn’t get machinery onto the site.”

“This year, in anticipation of a huge growing season, we have employed additional resources and equipment to manage the load.”

“While we came under fire last year for not meeting demands, we hope to be able to deliver a good result for the coming season.”

“Council will continue to actively monitor sites to try to meet the extra demands.”

“Mowing of open spaces is still managed separately for the three former council’s. While I can only speak for the central area, I believe that staff will be taking a proactive approach to the whole of the region.”

Residents can be assured that council staff will be doing there upmost to accommodate the wet and long grass conditions.