Landfill upgrades in the pipeline
  • Tuesday 20 September 2011

Around 800 fewer trucks will travel on local roads next year thanks to an upgrade to Sunshine Coast Council’s Noosa Landfill site.

A soon-to-be-constructed pipeline is set to transport liquid waste from the Eumundi Road landfill site to nearby sewerage systems. This runoff is currently trucked by road tankers from the landfill site to the nearest sewerage treatment plant.

Division 11 Councillor Russell Green said construction of a pump station at the landfill site and a three kilometre pipeline would commence soon.

"A rising main pipeline will be installed from the landfill site to a gravity feed sewer manhole on Lake Entrance Boulevard," he said.

"This new pipeline will be a fully enclosed and pressurised system with telemetrey monitoring at the landfill end.

"It will transport the liquid waste that results from rain entering the open face on the landfill and percolates through rubbish and is captured in drains that run around the perimeter of the landfill.

"Tanker trucks currently make up to three trips per day between the landfill site and the nearest sewerage treatment plant to transport this liquid waste but this new pipeline system will mean that council no longer has to use trucks to perform that task."

Along with the environmental benefits of reducing the numbers of trucks on roads, the pipeline project will also save council around $140,000 per year. Similar works are planned to take place at council’s Nambour and Caloundra landfill sites in future years.

The Noosa Landfill site pipeline is scheduled to be operational by the end of January 2012. Cr Brennan said the project would cause minimal disruption to local residents.

"Project signage has been put in place at the Noosa Landfill and along the route to Lakes Entrance Boulevard and work is expected to take around 16 weeks," he said.

"There will be a small amount of tree clearing to accommodate the pipeline along the edge of Eumundi Noosa Road and council has an agreement with DERM to carry out maintenance for the next year to encourage vegetation regrowth."