Larvae numbers reduced at Currimundi Lake
  • Friday 02 October 2015

Closing Currimundi Lake has been deemed a success  with midge larvae reduced by more than 85%.

Sunshine Coast Council will open up the entrance of Currimundi Lake to the ocean again on Tuesday, October 6.

Work will begin around 11am with the removal of some drainage pipes, followed by a 20 tonne excavator digging out the sand berm as the tide drops.

Division 3 Councillor Peter Cox said he hoped the reduction in midge numbers would make the community more comfortable at the popular recreation area as summer approaches.

“The entrance to the lake was closed off at its high tide level in late August to drown midge larvae in an attempt to reduce the amount of hatching adult midges,” Cr Cox said.

“Council’s recent survey into the number of larvae showed over an 85% reduction.

“Had we not closed off the lake, there would have been many more biting midges flying around during the summer, and those numbers would have exponentially grown as the summer moved on.

“Such a successful reduction means that not only will people be a lot more comfortable, but also that Council is unlikely to have to close the lake again next year.”

Work on Tuesday is expected to be completed by 2pm.