Libraries 101
  • Tuesday 15 March 2011

Sunshine Coast Libraries are busy places with more than 6,800 visits per day.

More than 120,000 Sunshine Coast residents have cottoned on that times are changing at Sunshine Coast Libraries. The big question is – what are the other 200,000 Sunshine Coast residents who aren’t library members missing out on?

Service Delivery Portfolio Councillor Paul Tatton said many people may still think that libraries only offer books for loan which is far from the case.

"Libraries are so much more than just places to come to borrow books. Libraries are the hubs of our communities, where people come to meet, to learn, to discover and to explore," Cr Tatton said.

"Some residents are still in the dark about the changing face of libraries, so Sunshine Coast Libraries are embarking on a public awareness campaign to spread the word about the diversity of services they offer.

"Our aim is to remind residents about the traditional services libraries offer, while at the same time increase awareness of the many new innovative services now available at their local libraries. There are 101 things to do at your library."

Sunshine Coast Libraries have partnered with local organisations to provide workshops and activities on a diverse range of topics, from worm farming and composting to small business management.

Cr Tatton said all the new services were available alongside the traditional library offerings including toy libraries, DVD collections, free internet access and books for loan.

"Library staff have been working hard to increase the diversity of activities and services on offer to our community and improve the customer experience," Cr Tatton said.

Some of the new improvements residents will notice when they visit include the introduction of free wireless internet access, e-books and e-audiobooks, expansion of the programs to teach people to read and write and faster supply of new books.

With over 4,500 activities and events a year, there is a good chance there is something that will spark your interest happening at your local library this week! Don’t miss out. Visit the Sunshine Coast Libraries website to get the full story.