Local disaster management group gets ready for disaster
  • Wednesday 13 November 2013

Council and the Sunshine Coast’s emergency services will be put to the test tomorrow when they join for a practice disaster exercise, part of yearly preparations for extreme summer weather.

The realistic scenario, based on the impact of severe weather events such as east coast lows and super cell severe storms, will test the readiness of the Sunshine Coast Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG), police, fire, ambulance, SES and other services.

LDMG Chair Mayor Mark Jamieson said the joint services emergency exercise was critical in the lead up to summer.

“This annual exercise tests how prepared we are for a disaster – it puts the Sunshine Coast Disaster Management Plan into action and provides an opportunity for council and other vital services to train together,” Mayor Jamieson said.

The local disaster coordination centre will be set up to:

  • test communications systems and radio networks, which are vital for identifying problems during extreme weather events
  • test equipment and emergency response plans
  • test community evacuation procedures
  • test community warnings, advice and social media networks
  • practice communication protocols between the disaster coordination centre and other groups (including Main Roads, Unity Water, Energex and isolated communities) to receive information about damage and road closures around the region.

The Mayor said the training exercise was a timely reminder for residents to get ready for any potential disasters.

“The LDMG is here to help when disaster hits, but resources are often stretched so it’s important for residents to prepare their homes in advance of the summer storm season, to have an emergency plan in place and to organise an emergency kit,” he said.