Look out for Encompass – in letterboxes this week
  • Saturday 19 November 2011

Encompass, Sunshine Coast Council’s quarterly magazine, is due to hit letterboxes this week, keeping residents up to date with the latest news about events, projects, and Christmas trees.

The festive season has well and truly arrived, and the cover photo of this edition features the gorgeous Christmas Tree in Kenilworth, lit up in all its glory. Find out about the annual Christmas tree trail, and how council has gone all high-tech – using scan-code technology so you can download the ‘story behind the tree’ with a simple swipe of your smart phone.

This bumper edition also includes the Cultivate section, designed to highlight the talent, creativity and innovative expression that exists in our region.

Other highlights in the December edition of Encompass include:

  • Plans to keep our communities healthy and active
  • Council’s three year oral history and digital storytelling initiative
  • What council is doing to remove roadside dangers
  • Free holiday buses
  • How council’s Community Nature Conservation Program is one of the many environmental partnerships established to protect our region.

Look out for your copy this week. If you haven’t received one by 3 December, give council a call on 5475 7272.

Encompass is published quarterly and delivered as unaddressed mail to letterboxes across the Sunshine Coast, costing just 65 cents to produce and deliver.