March is the month to … power down!
  • Friday 27 February 2009

Sunshine Coast residents are being asked to ‘power down’ throughout March to reduce the amount of energy used at home in the fight against climate change.

The four week joint Sunshine Coast Regional Council / Energex campaign begins on Monday and culminates at Earth Hour, 8.30 to 9.30pm Saturday 28 March, in an all out effort to better the 10 percent reduction achieved last year.

Environment Portfolio holder, Keryn Jones said with demand for power on the Coast well above national trends, its time for collective, permanent behavioural change.

Demand for power on the Coast has increased by 50 – 70 percent in the past decade and its time we ‘pulled the plug’ for good on our energy demands and our greenhouse gas emissions,” Cr Jones said.

“March is just the beginning, because we must fundamentally change how we use energy every day, every week, every month to lower carbon emissions and reduce global warming.

“The important thing is everybody can make small changes that add up to big changes.

“So set your air conditioner to 24 degrees, turn appliances off at the wall, wash your clothes in cold water, change to energy efficient light bulbs.

“You will be part of the groundswell bucking the trends and you’ll save money too.”

ENERGEX North Coast Asset Manager Michael Turner agreed with Cr Jones, saying Coast residents and businesses need to collectively act now to reduce their energy consumption.

“According to ENERGEX’s latest data around 130 homes and units and 20 additional commercial or industrial premises are connected to the Sunshine Coast electricity network every week,” Michael said.

“Because of the rapid growth in the region and an increase in power-hungry items such as air conditioning and plasma televisions, the Sunshine Coast is set to increase power usage by around 40 per cent over the next six years.

“The forecast increase in power requirements on the coast is quite simply un-sustainable and to slow this growth in electricity consumption we all need to work together.

“Individuals, families, neighbourhoods and businesses all need to make everyday changes in the way they use electricity to achieve better environmental outcomes.”

Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Energex have partnered for this campaign and are supported by Hot and Mix FM and the Sunshine Coast Daily.

Visit for more energy saving tips and to register for Earth Hour.