Maroochy River foreshore moves ahead
  • Wednesday 13 August 2014

An important development is about to take place along the Maroochy River Foreshore.

Sunshine Coast Council will start work on Stage 4 of the Maroochy River Foreshore upgrades. Division 8 Councillor Jason OPray said the upcoming work will continue to achieve the objectives of the Maroochy River Foreshore Open Space Masterplan.

“This latest stage of works will include improvements to the existing beachfront recreation area,” he said.

“The existing pedestrian pathway will be widened to three metres to allow safer use by pedestrians and cyclists and a new revetment wall will be constructed to accommodate this new alignment of the pathway.

“Landscaping works to improve the look and feel of the area will also be carried out and additional pedestrian lighting will be installed.

“The Maroochy River Foreshore is an important environment and community recreation area and $1.2 million is being spent over a number of years under the master plan to enhance the river foreshore park environment and ensure the open space function meets community expectations.”

Stage 4 works are set to begin in this month and completion is expected within 12 weeks (weather dependant).

Property access may be affected for short durations during construction and council will contact residents, where necessary to discuss parking and access.

Traffic and pedestrian management measures will be in place while works are in progress to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists.