Mayor calls community to have a say in a now or never campaign
  • Friday 09 April 2010

Sunshine Coast Mayor Bob Abbot is urging locals to make submissions to Council regarding the Palmview, Maroochydore Principal Activity (PAC) and Caloundra South developments. While the structure plans for all three developments are now open for public comment, they include significant changes that have been made at the direction of the State Government.

“Council’s original plans for these areas set new standards for sustainable development, an emphasis on public transport and a requirement for binding infrastructure agreements before development can proceed amongst other initiatives,” Cr Abbot said.

“The State Government has recently directed Council to remove or significantly alter many of these original initiatives which, in Council’s opinion, no longer reflects the community’s vision for the future of the region - of sustainable development and managed population growth,” Cr Abbot said.

The call to action comes amidst fears that the planning outcomes of the three areas, that will eventually accommodate a combined total of more than 70,000 residents, will set planning precedents for the whole Sunshine Coast region.

Statutory and Regional Planning Portfolio chair Councillor Russell Green cautioned residents that the decisions regarding the three structure plans would ultimately affect the whole Sunshine Coast.

“Under its ‘Sustainable Planning Act’, the State Government has directed Council to fast track these developments but has altered the plans to such an extent that to say they fall under the ‘Sustainable Planning Act’ is absurd.

“Without a common sense approach and employment of basic sustainability measures, we are sure to see the State Government’s plans for desalination plants and the like rear their ugly heads,” he said.

Cr Abbot said that although he had already initiated “very frank discussions” with Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and various State Government representatives about Council’s position on the developments in question, the Sunshine Coast community needed to act now in order to make its feelings known.

“It is a case of now or never for this community to send a clear message to the State Government that we wish to control our own planning destiny in accordance with the wishes of the community and are serious about a securing a sustainable future for the Sunshine Coast”.


  • Visit Council’s website at then click on the links under GET INVOLVED on the homepage.
  • Make an submission using the user-friendly templates provided or make a submission in whichever format you prefer
  • Deadlines for submissions are:
    > Palmview – by 4.30pm, Monday April 19, 2010.
    > Maroochydore Principal Activity Centre - by 4.30pm, Wednesday April 21, 2010.
    > Caloundra South – by 4.30pm, Thursday May 20, 2010