Mayoral and councillor portfolios confirmed
  • Friday 29 June 2012

Sunshine Coast Council has today endorsed a portfolio system which will see no less than four councillors – including Mayor Mark Jamieson – focus on economic development for the region.

Cr Jamieson said the Coast needed a sustainable community, a sustainable environment, and a sustainable economy – and he would take over the lead reins in the all-important portfolio.

"I think it’s important I take the lead on economic development; I made it my top priority in the election, and I’m determined to develop a stronger economy," he said.

While the mayor will lead, councillors Stephen Robinson, Jason O’Pray and Peter Cox will share the now-wide portfolio in terms of key industry development which council is seeking to engage in its bid to diversify and broaden the local economic base.

"I welcome the support of these councillors – and I can assure them they will have their work cut out for them," he quipped.

Cr Jamieson said Deputy Mayor Chris Thompson did a great job in finance in the last council and saw no reason for him to change horses.

"Cr Thompson was a well-respected finance portfolio councillor and I am happy for him to continue his focus in that area," he said.

"The portfolio areas reflect the strategic priorities of the council for the next four years – and objectives will be developed and reported on.

"Councillors have an obligation to represent their division, but just as importantly they need to be working for the region as a whole.

"These roles will ensure we are all working towards an even better Sunshine Coast – continuing the unity which has already become a hallmark of this council."

The portfolio responsibilities take effect immediately.

New portfolios:

Mayor Mark Jamieson – Economic Development: Key centres – Economic development support and investment attraction; significant events; regional development and advocacy

Cr Stephen Robinson – Economic Development: New and emerging industries – clean technology; aviation; resources; communication technology

Cr Jason O’Pray – Economic Development: Tourism; sport; major events

Cr Peter Cox – Economic Development: Health and medical precinct; education

Cr Chris Thompson – Finance and Water: Budget; Long-term financial plan; state water reforms; Unitywater; business units’ performance

Cr Tony Wellington – Environment: Policy development; waterways and biodiversity; climate change

Cr Christian Dickson – Corporate Planning:Community and Corporate Plans (including review); key indicators

Cr Tim Dwyer – Regional Projects: Key region-making projects > $50m; focus on scoping and strategy for funding

Cr Ted Hungerford – Service Delivery: Setting of appropriate levels and standards for council's works and services; appropriate levels of customer service; monitoring of customer/community satisfaction levels

Cr Jenny McKay – Community Programs: Social capital; health and well being programs

Cr Rick Baberowski – Transport Strategy: Strategic positioning; transport corridors; modal shift planning

Cr Russell Green – Regional Planning: Planning Scheme; structure Plans; major development centres; statutory planning; development services

Cr Greg Rogerson – Place Management and Delivery: Place design; capital works and infrastructure planning/delivery