Metal sales may deliver $3.2m boost to council
  • Saturday 29 November 2008

The Sunshine Coast Council will next week consider a recommendation to accept a tender for the sale of recovered metal streams which could generate more that $3m in revenue for the council.

The recommendation was endorsed on Tuesday by council’s Service Delivery Committee and referred to next Thursday’s Ordinary Meeting.

Committee chair, Councillor Paul Tatton, said it was recommended that council accept the tender from Sims Metal for sale of recovered ferrous and non-ferrous metal streams from council’s Resource Recovery Facilities.

“Evaluation of Sims Metal’s proposal indicates potential revenue generation of $3.2m based on current prices,’’ Cr Tatton said. “However, it must be made clear that market volatility and future price movements will impact on overall revenue generation.”

The tender, for an initial twelve month period starting January 2009, also offers environmental benefits through the inclusion of:

  • the collection and disposal of E-Waste at a fixed rate. This will result in discarded electronic equipment being collected, transferred and dismantled with valuable components recovered and recycled into their highest and best value; and
  • the transportation of ferrous metal from Beerwah and Witta Resource Recovery Centres to Pierce Avenue Resource Recovery Centre at a fixed rate.

The committee’s recommendation to the full council also includes provision for the contract to be extended for up to two 12 month periods, subject to a range of conditions.