Nambour Youth Activity Precinct site selected
  • Tuesday 12 February 2013

Sunshine Coast Council has endorsed a new site adjacent to Quota Park for the development of the Nambour District Skate Park as a component of the proposed Youth Activity Precinct.

The decision made at council’s Ordinary Meeting on 31 January followed extensive consultation with the local community, businesses, retail groups, youth, schools as well as the Queensland Police. Further investigation will be undertaken to explore additional parking opportunities within central Nambour.

Division 10 Councillor Greg Rogerson said the selected site on the corner of Ann and Matthew Streets was purchased by council in 1992 for future use as an open space recreation area and would provide a multitude of benefits.

“The Nambour Youth Activity Precinct will include a Major District Skate Facility and a variety of active recreation functions. The project was identified as the highest short term priority in the Sunshine Coast Skate and BMX Plan 2011-2020 adopted by council in 2010,” he said.

“The selected site already has a significant amount of the infrastructure in place to support a district level skate park and Youth Activity Precinct.

“The 1800m2 site also has good natural surveillance, is centrally located in Nambour, close to local schools and is within easy access to transport.

“The chosen area will enable a suite of active recreation functions to be developed which, when combined with the amenity of Quota Park, will form a district attractor for the town and will contribute to the urban renewal and revitalisation of inner Nambour.

Cr Rogerson said council undertook a comprehensive investigative process which included an extensive examination into the suitability of the current site and other potential locations.

“The existing Nambour Skate Park location was considered unsuitable for a district level skate park to be co-located with other active recreation facilities and functions. This local level skate park at Petrie Park on Elder Street is under-utilised by the community, is in an area with low levels of activity and poor natural surveillance, and has negative perceptions of safety.

“The existing facility is in poor condition and has become a potential liability at the end of its asset life. There are also no toilets, electricity, taps or other infrastructure required for a district level skate park.”

Cr Rogerson said while the results of the community engagement showed the majority of the community favoured the Mathew Street site, issues of all-day car parking loss at this site was a key concern raised.

“Since the purchase of the land, the site has been utilised as informal all-day car park. It accommodates an average of 28 cars on a daily basis during general business hours, with an upper limit of 39.

"I am well aware of the parking challenges in and around Nambour and have used this as an opportunity to raise this with council and look at identifying ways to improve parking both in place of the Mathew Street site and throughout the central Nambour area.

“Council has supported my request to investigate various parking initiatives and options.”