Nambour revival accelerated by new centre
  • Thursday 28 April 2011

Sunshine Coast Council yesterday approved a development application from Coles Supermarket group to establish a shopping centre on 3.7 hectares of the vacant former Moreton Mill sugar mill site in Nambour.

The eight-hectare site has been empty since the mill closed in late 2003, leaving the town without its former economic heart, but the development will not only connect two halves of the town centre, it will provide up to 1000 new jobs to stimulate Nambour’s economy and revitalisation.

The shopping centre will be anchored by a full-line (4000m2) Coles supermarket, with offices and specialty stores attached, including preservation and re-use of the three existing heritage-listed former mill houses for commercial purposes.

The centre’s car park will hold more than 600 spaces, and Coles will also be funding road connections to connect Mill Street and Mill Lane through to Mitchell Street and Arundell Avenue.

Councillors also sought to include a condition that the main building incorporate solar PV panels, thus setting a leading example of council’s policy to introduce renewal energy sources wherever possible. It is likely that such a solar array will reduce if not altogether obviate the need for traditional electricity sources at the centre and leave Coles with a state showpiece for others to visit and emulate.

It is also anticipated that the remaining hectares of the mill site will in the future be developed for transit-oriented residential development for rail commuters, including health and education facilities.

Divisional Councillor Paul Tatton said the approval sparked major revival of the town centre.

“I am over the moon about this,” he said.

“This is biggest thing to happen to Nambour in years, short of the mill’s closure itself.

“Coles’ arrival will not only enlarge activity in the town, it will encourage property owners in Currie Street to consider redeveloping their properties in line with what will be a complete rejuvenation of Nambour.”