New Recycle Market set to make a difference
  • Thursday 14 November 2013

Bigger, better, easier, safer. That’s what customers can expect from the new Recycle Market at the Buderim Resource Recovery Centre.

The brand new state-of-the-art facility was officially opened today, fittingly during National Recycling Week.

Mayor Mark Jamieson said together with council’s four other recycle markets on the Sunshine Coast, the new Buderim Recycle Market would help minimise waste by keeping useful resources out of landfill.

“Council has a longterm goal to divert more than 70% of waste from landfill and facilities such as these are integral to that vision,” he said.

“Every item for sale here has been thrown away. It really comes back to the old adage that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

“These markets offer a great outcome because they enable us to avoid sending perfectly good resources to landfills, while providing employment opportunities to the local community.”

The Buderim Recycle Markets are run by the Endeavour Foundation, a charity group that has operated on the Sunshine Coast for nearly 50 years and supports people with a disability in more than 430 placements throughout the region. 

Proceeds from sales at the recycle markets are utilised by the Endeavour Foundation to provide employment opportunities for local people with a disability.

The inaugural winners of council’s Good Recycler awards were also announced at today’s launch. These awards recognised the good recycling habits in the following categories:

  • School - Pacific Paradise State School – reduced their weekly general waste from 28 bins per week to 12 with most of the difference going into recycling and onsite composting;
  • Event – Sunshine Coast Environment Council (SCEC) for World Environment Day – introduced volunteer Waste Warriors during the day to ensure recycling and reduction of  contamination;
  • Shopping Centre - Sunshine Plaza – introduction of significant recycling actions within the Plaza. This has improved recovery of recyclable material by 75%, with up to 42% of all centre waste now recycled;
  • Institution - University of Sunshine Coast – development of a multiple bin system throughout the university and the introduction of an OSCAR composting machine for organic materials;
  • Small business - Hardcote – introduction of an expanded polystyrene melting machine to reduce the weekly waste volume from 20 m3 to 100 litres.

In the ‘household’ category, wheelie bin collection drivers have selected the best recycle routes across the Coast and these residents will be recognised at celebratory morning teas in the coming weeks.