New community land for Noosa North Shore
  • Thursday 25 September 2008

Noosa North Shore residents and visitors could soon have land set aside for community use following the Regional Strategy and Planning Committee’s support for the proposal today.

The report, which will be referred to next week’s ordinary meeting for consideration, recommended Council apply to the Department of Natural Resources to close part of about three hectares of the Esplanade adjoining the existing rural fire brigade building at Noosa North Shore, and use it for community purposes.

Acting Director (North), Regional Strategy and Planning, Allan Hazell, said the need for land for the community was identified in the Noosa North Shore Management Strategy and this site was the most suitable of several alternatives.

“About 140 people live on the Noosa North Shore and currently there is no land in the area available for informal sport and recreation,” Mr Hazell said.

"Council has been investigating alternatives but found one option ecological valuable and therefore unsuitable while the other lacked amenity and was located a distance from residents.

“The 4100 sq m area recommended is currently clear of vegetation and buildings and would provide a suitable space for informal sport and recreation.

“It provides some picnic tables, but any additional facilities will be planned in consultation with the community.”

The Ordinary meeting will be held at council’s Tewantin office on Thursday 2 October.