New council decides its pay and superannuation
  • Friday 04 April 2008

At today’s post-election meeting of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, after taking the oath of office, the newly elected council decided to adopt a pay-scale at the middle level of the range of councillor remuneration determined by the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal.

Sunshine Coast Regional Council Mayor Bob Abbot said the Queensland State Government established the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal as an independent entity to determine remuneration levels for local government councillors based on a percentage of 2007 MLA salaries.

“For us as a Category 8 council this means they came up with a pay-scale and superannuation that reflects what they saw would be fair pay for the expectations and demands placed on councillors governing this size of council,” Mayor Abbot said.

“Today, we have pitched our pay level in the middle of that range that was set by the independent tribunal,” he said.

“The tribunal also set an additional fixed ‘amalgamation loading’ payment for each councillor in all new councils that will be phased out over the next four years of our first term.”

“So my passion to provide an open, transparent and accountable council has started. Most of all, I now look forward to working with my fellow councillors to deliver the Sunshine Coast a council, we can all be proud of.”

For further information, the meeting minutes will be available on council’s website.