New helipads at Caloundra Aerodrome cut noise concerns
  • Wednesday 16 September 2009

Cr Anna Grosskreutz is opening a set of brand new helipads at Caloundra Aerodrome on Wednesday 16 September at 10am.

The helipads are the result of a successful collaboration between the council, residents and helicopter businesses to reduce the impact of chopper flights over residential areas.

“Bellvista residents in particular were keen for me to address the issue of helicopter noise and I’m pleased to say that council has worked closely with helicopter operators to get this great outcome for the community," Cr. Grosskreutz said.

Previously, helicopters were using the aerodrome’s two runways as landing points, resulting in a wider flying circuit that prompted noise concerns.

After discussing the issue in a community forum, helicopter operators began trialling a new flight plan using temporary landing pads.

“We had such positive feedback from the community since changing the flight circuits that I am confident about making the helipads a permanent fixture at Caloundra Aerodrome,” Cr Grosskreutz said.

“This shows how a collaborative effort allows all involved to get a happy outcome.”

The changed landing patterns, based on the position of the new helipads, have reduced noise levels significantly for local residents while allowing helicopter operators to continue to run their businesses.

Chopperline’s general manager, Nathan Scard, and the company’s chief pilot Ian Paull, will also attend Wednesday’s launch and provide photo opportunities with a chopper.