New jet skis deliver safety and savings
  • Tuesday 17 November 2009

Council will issue Coast lifeguards with three new lightweight jet skis this week that cost much less because of the bulk buying power of the amalgamated council.

This was the first bulk purchase by council’s Fleet Management branch and savings totalled $9,500.00 thanks to the 10% discount plus commercial and surf life saving rebates.

Fleet Management purchased seven replacement jet skis, four are already in service in the south of the region and the remaining three will be delivered Tuesday 17 November for use in Mooloolaba and Noosa.

Jet skis are replaced every three years, ensuring these life-saving machines are reliable and up to date with new innovations.

Fleet Management Manager Kevin Jones, said that the savings of amalgamation should really start mounting up with bulk purchasing.

“We provide everything from graders to lawn mowers and jet skis and being able to buy these in bulk means we get much more bang for our buck,” Mr Jones said.

Scott Braby, council lifeguard said that regular replacement of equipment is essential.

“Regular replacement means that we have every confidence in our machines and in our ability to resolve situations quickly and safely,” Mr Braby said.

“We need to know that if someone’s life is at stake, we won’t have to deal with mechanical faults and failures.”

Jet Skis are used on many Patrolled Beaches from Noosa to Caloundra.