New stormwater filters stop 10 tonnes of rubbish each year
  • Tuesday 03 November 2015
Diagram of stormwater filter (gross pollutant trap) as installed by Sunshine Coast Council in Maroochydore

Maroochy River is already reaping the benefits of three custom built stormwater filters installed in Maroochydore this year, with each filter collecting large volumes of rubbish daily.

Division 8 Councillor Jason OPray said the filters treated diverted stormwater before discharging it into Cornmeal Creek.

“Although you can’t see the filters they are significant pieces of infrastructure that help protect our precious Maroochy River,” Cr OPray said

“Recent inspections showed these filters are doing what they are meant to – it’s amazing to see just how much junk we’ve stopped from entering our waterways.

“The locations on Fourth Avenue and Cornmeal Parade were chosen to trap as much rubbish and sediment as possible and we’re thrilled with the results so far.

“This infrastructure substantially improves our stormwater treatment process to ensure we continue to maintain healthy waterways.

“Our council vision is to be Australia’s most sustainable region and protecting our beautiful waterways is a step in that direction.

“The filters are just two of many ‘behind the scenes’ projects in council’s $183 million Capital Works Program that help keep our infrastructure and environment in great shape.”

Fast facts

  • The three filters combined treat stormwater from across 58ha of Maroochydore.
  • These filters can each treat at least 440L of stormwater per second and combined prevent about ten tonnes of pollutants from entering the waterways each year.
  • The filters at Cornmeal Pde are made up of over 10 tonnes of concrete and steel. The filter at Fourth Ave is made up of 48 tonnes of concrete and steel, and could fit three smart cars stacked on top of each other inside the unit.