Noosa Stone Sculpture Bequest finalists announced
  • Wednesday 07 November 2012

Three talented finalists will be working against the clock to produce a model of their concept for the 2013 Noosa Stone Sculpture Bequest which is destined for our beautiful Noosa Botanic Gardens.

Division 12 Councillor Tony Wellington said the Noosa Stone Sculpture Bequest, administered by Sunshine Coast Council and generously funded by an anonymous donor, establishes a unique ‘Carrara Connection’ for Australian sculptors.

“Carrara in Italy is known worldwide for its spectacular marble and also its international community of sculptors. Biennially, the winner of the Bequest undertakes a two month workshop and residency at Studio Corsanini in Carrara. Their work is then shipped back to Australia to join the sculptures of previous Bequest winners in the Noosa Botanic Gardens,” he said

“The Bequest creates a magnificent stone sculpture walk within the Noosa Botanic Gardens, situated on the edge of Lake MacDonald.

“Last year’s winner, Sunshine Coast based artist Hew Chee Fong, created a superb marble sculpture titled ‘The Journey’ which has been much admired since being installed at Noosa Botanic Gardens.

“The three finalists for this year’s Noosa Stone Sculpture Bequest are Senden Blackwood from Orange NSW, Viktor Kalinowski from Mount Burnett Victoria and Vince Vozzo from Enmore NSW.

“I invite the community to join me at 2pm on Saturday 8 December at the Noosa Regional Gallery for the announcement of the winner of the 2013 Noosa Stone Sculpture Bequest.”

2013 Noosa Stone Sculpture Bequest lead Judge Ken Scarlett said Australian sculpture is wonderfully diverse and innovative.

“Works can be produced in any imaginable material, from scrap iron to recycled plastic, or even the sculptor’s own body,” he said.

“This freedom to experiment should be applauded, yet there is the possible danger that the past will be seen as conservative and therefore ignored and forgotten.

“The Noosa Stone Sculpture Bequest encourages artists to use the time-honoured material – marble – and to refine their skills as stone carvers.

“This year’s chosen sculptor will be able to visit Carrara in Italy, where Michelangelo sourced his marble, and work for two months at Studio Corsanini with highly skilled artisans. Not to produce a David look-alike, but to carve a work that is recognizably of the 21st century and which will enhance the Noosa Botanic Gardens.”

Visit Noosa Stone Sculpture Bequest website for further information.