Octonauts rally their friends in a mission to save the Great Barrier Reef
  • Wednesday 10 June 2015
Octonauts Live at Nambour Civic Centre

The crew of eight adorable sea animals, better known as the Octonauts, are swimming their way to Council’s Nambour Civic Centre with their entertaining live stage show, Octonauts Live! Operation Reef Shield, on Thursday, July 2 at 10.30am.

The Octonauts will be leaving their undersea Octopod in search of some Sunshine Coast friends to join them in their mission to save the Great Barrier Reef.

In this fun, musical adventure, valiant polar bear Captain Barnacle, daring cat Lieutenant Kwazii and Medic Peso the big-hearted penguin join forces with a host of colourful Australian reef dwellers on their mission to save the iconic reef.

When the trusty Octonauts crew deploy a new undersea medical station designed to keep the reef clean and healthy, they discover a lurking problem that is threatening the life of their colourful reef dwellers and their home. An outbreak of spiky and very hungry crown of thorns starfish are on the way to eat the reef!

It will take a team effort by the Octonauts, their Gups, and a rag-tag crew of sea creatures to ward off the advancing starfish and save the Great Barrier Reef.

The Octonauts is the latest kids TV show to take Australia by storm. Captain Barnacles and his team of undersea adventurers have won thousands of tiny hearts across the nation with their mission to explore, rescue and protect the world’s marine life. It is the second most watched children’s TV show in the country and screens on ABC2.

With new Kwazii Reserve seats (B reserve) just released from only $24.90 each, don’t miss this spectacular underwater adventure live-on-stage. Alternatively, Gold elevated tickets can be purchased for $45.90 or A Reserve tickets for $34.90.

To book or become a SCvip, please call the venue on 5475 7755 or visit Council's venues and events website.

The Nambour Civic Centre is located on the upper level of the Centenary Square complex, located at 52-64 Currie Street, Nambour. Parking is available via Mill Street across from the Coles Supermarket.