One stunning stone from Italy and one great sculpture for the Sunshine Coast
  • Thursday 19 January 2012

There is a majestic marble stone being sculpted in Carrara, Italy and it’s headed for the Sunshine Coast in June 2012.

Sunshine Coast Council is keeping locals updated on the progress of the sculpture as it transforms from a piece of mountain rock into an art work.

You can follow the story of the stone at and hear from artist Hew Chee Fong about the two tonne triangular piece of marble he is working on.

Fong is the first recipient of the Noosa Stone Sculpture Bequest that has enabled him to travel to Carrara to work for two months alongside an international community of sculptors at Studio Corsanini.

The Noosa Stone Sculpture Bequest is funded by a private donor - with the aim of fostering an ongoing and rewarding Carrara connection for Australian stone sculptors.

The bequest will create a stone sculpture walk within the Noosa Botanic Gardens to demonstrate excellence for artists working in stone and establish an international art destination for the Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Coast has been Fong’s home for three decades, during which time he has developed a passion for the medium of stone and produced an extensive number of works for exhibitions, private commissions and large-scale public art installations.

The bequest is managed by Sunshine Coast Council, to find Fong’s blog from Carrara go to