Organic waste will bring jobs to the Coast
  • Thursday 30 April 2009

Council’s waste strategy taskforce is supporting an organic waste and resource management forum aimed at achieving more jobs and a better environment.

The forum will focus on local organic management, bringing together farmers, manufacturers and council to discuss securing a market for recycling, compost production and possibly even green energy.

Cr Jones said that much of the Coast’s kerbside recycling leaves the region, providing jobs for other states and cities.

“By establishing an economically and environmentally sustainable market for organics, we can ensure that the money and environmental benefits stay right here on the Coast,” Cr Jones said.

“Without a market for organic waste, all we have is a lot of garden clippings and veggie peelings. The key to turning this into an effective resource is in coordinating the collectors, manufacturers and users of compost.

“An ideal situation would be for council to collect organic waste, local manufacturers to turn it into a useable product and farmers and gardeners to purchase the final product.

“Other than the Coast’s natural elements which support tourism, there are few resources the Coast can capitalise on. We need to diversify our economic base and recycling our organic waste is one way we can achieve this.

“Over 45% of our domestic waste is recyclable organics; we throw it away and increase climate change. With the help of our residents, we can capitalise on an untapped resource.

“To achieve our council vision, Australia’s most sustainable region — green, vibrant diverse, we need to look at more than just the environment. We need to look at ways to achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability.

“The waste taskforce is looking at all facets of waste management and will provide a draft strategy to the whole of council by the end of July.

“The strategy will look at the things we can do in the short term, such as aligning waste services, but also how we can benefit Coast businesses, residents and the environment through efficient waste management.”

The conference, held at the Innovation Centre, Sippy Downs on 30 April, is sponsored by the waste strategy taskforce in partnership with the University of the Sunshine Coast and SEQ Catchments.