Our place our future—in your letterbox soon
  • Thursday 01 October 2009

Our place our future newsletter will hit letterboxes across the Sunshine Coast from 10 October, marking the first step towards creating a new planning scheme to shape the region’s future.

The special newsletter explains how residents can get involved by providing feedback on the Statement of Proposals—the big picture issues that council anticipates the planning scheme will address.

These include council’s vision for protecting the environment, supporting a diverse and robust economy and retaining the Coast's unique character as a community of communities.

The newsletter also provides an overview of the strategy documents, discussion papers and background studies that will be on display and available for public comment from 12 October until 7 December.

The issues covered in these documents range from climate change and biodiversity to affordable living, sustainable transport, coastal foreshores and waterways management, rural land use planning and more.

These documents will inform the drafting of the new planning scheme and guide council’s operations, partnership programs and liaison with government agencies.

Sunshine Coast Mayor Bob Abbot said creating the first planning scheme for the entire region was a once in a lifetime opportunity and urged all residents to have their say.

“The planning scheme will in a large part determine the look, feel and identity of the Sunshine Coast of the future,” Cr Abbot said.

“We know this community is passionate about the region and we all need to work together on this because it is absolutely essential that we get it right.

“It is really important that everyone has a chance to participate and there’ll be more information about how people can do that in this special newsletter.”

It includes dates and venues for the our place our future roadshow, where you can find out more or have questions answered by a council officer.

So watch your letterbox from 10 October and get involved—your feedback will help council realise its vision for the Sunshine Coast to become Australia’s most sustainable region.

Copies of the newsletter and more information will be available online at www.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au and at council customer service centres and libraries from Monday October 12.