Parking meter credit function disabled temporarily
  • Friday 15 November 2013

Sunshine Coast Council today endorsed disabling the credit card payment function of parking meters in the Caloundra Central Business District due to the high cost to upgrade the meters to comply with new regulations.

Division 2 Councilor Tim Dwyer said council’s decision to temporarily disable the credit card function was based on meeting the requirement of new regulations and allowing time for council to investigate other alternatives.

“Mandatory changes to credit card functions are soon to be introduced for Point of Sale devices which are aimed at improving security to meet Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) card regulations. These changes will impact on parking meters owned by council in the Caloundra CBD,” he said.

“Council’s investigation revealed the cost to bring the 71 multi bay parking meters in the Caloundra CBD into EMV and contactless credit card payment compliance would be approximately $257,517 plus GST.

“This cost was considered excessive given the annual income from credit card transactions through the parking meters is around $8,000 which equates to less than 3% of parking meter transactions.

“We want to look at technology that will take us into the future not an expensive band aid to address the issue temporarily.

“As an alternative, it is considered reasonable to temporarily disable the credit card functionality of the 71 parking meters. The cost for council staff to undertake this work, including wages and materials, to disable the credit card function from the parking meters in Caloundra will be approximately $6,000.

“Should parking meters be considered in a future regional regulated parking strategy by council, the upgrade credit card functionality for parking meters in the Caloundra CBD can be revisited.”

Council will notify the community when the credit card function in the parking meters has been disabled to alert users that only coins will be accepted as payment for parking.