Peregian Originals concerts under review
  • Wednesday 09 March 2011

Sunshine Coast Council will consider the findings of an independent review into the popular Peregian Originals Concerts that are held twice a month at Peregian Beach Park.

In a report discussed today (8 March) at Sunshine Coast Council’s Performance and Service Committee Meeting, two options were presented for consideration, one of which is expected to be discussed and then endorsed at next week’s Ordinary Meeting of Council (Wednesday 16 March).

The report :

  • acknowledges that council has an appreciation of the wealth and diversity of music activity across the region
  • acknowledges the valuable contribution performing artists make to the fabric of the community
  • outlines council’s commitment to developing arts and cultural opportunities
    stresses council’s support of the Originals concerts as it demonstrates the above.

The two options are:

  1. To provide a permit for 24 concerts to be held annually with all concerts taking place at the Peregian Beach Park
  2. To provide a permit for 24 concerts to be held annually with 12 of the events (one per month) relocated to an alternative venue, noting that in addition, the organisers now also have a permit to conduct Nambour Originals Concerts.

For both options, council will also continue to work closely with the event organisers, the East Coast Originals to ensure the events comply with all permit conditions. The inability to comply with all conditions has continued to be of concern to local residents.

Council will also be working with the East Coast Originals to develop an appropriate long term business plan which will cover the use of the Peregian Beach Park site as an event location while also building the reach of the successful organisation across Queensland.

Council has already worked with the East Coast Originals to expand the success of the event into Nambour.

At today’s meeting, Option 2 was the preferred option. Next week’s Ordinary meeting will allow all councillors to discuss the report and then decide on whether or not to endorse the preferred Option 2.

Council will be able to discuss its position following a decision being made at next week’s meeting.

The full report can be viewed on council’s website.

Event background

The Peregian Originals event has grown significantly in size and scope since it started more than 10 years ago. Attendance at the events is now generally upwards of 500 people and can swell up to 2000 at its largest.

There have been increasing tensions between the event organisers and some local residents as the event’s popularity has grown. The issues are generally related to frequency of concerts and compliance issues including noise, traffic, parking and finishing times.

Council undertook the independent review to understand the views and needs of the local residents, the event organisers and the event supporters.

The two options

The two options identified in the report for council’s consideration next week at its Ordinary meeting in regard to the ongoing Peregian Original Events:

Option 1: That council continue to permit the East Coast Originals to have 24 concerts per annum held twice monthly at Peregian Beach Park, noting that they are also now operating events at Quota Park in Nambour. The 24 concerts per annum at Peregian Beach Park must fully comply with all new permit conditions.

Option 2: That council work with the East Coast Originals to relocate 12 of the 24 events to an alternative appropriate site for a 12 month period commencing 1 July 2011. This option will allow the East Coast Originals to continue with 12 concerts at Peregian Beach Park and 12 at an appropriate site to be determined, noting that they are also now operating events at Quota Park in Nambour. At the same time, this will allow residents who do not support the event to have a reprieve from the event occurring twice monthly.