Plan reveals the future for Buderim Village Park
  • Thursday 17 September 2015
Buderim village park

A plan for the future development of Buderim Village Park, including a village green, viewing terraces and a multi-functional community events space, was endorsed by Sunshine Coast Council today.

Based on the community’s vision and recommendations gained through a series of engagement activities, the Buderim Village Park Landscape Plan will provide the framework to deliver the vision for the park to be “a place of spectacle, nature, tranquility, peace and activity”.

Located in the heart of Buderim, the 3.4 hectare park was purchased by Council at the beginning of 2010 for around $8.75 million.

Since then, four stages of upgrades have been completed and the Landscape Plan outlines the short-term and long-term changes that will be made to create “a parkland with varied landscapes and leisure experiences to be enjoyed by everyone”.

“We have a wonderful opportunity with Buderim Village Park to provide an outstanding range of recreational, social and cultural opportunities,” Division Six Councillor Christian Dickson said.

“This Landscape Plan will maximise those opportunities as the park evolves over time and will reduce the risk of ad-hoc developments within the site.

“We are all about achieving the best results possible with a highly regarded piece of land that is already much loved by our residents and visitors.

“All of the future improvements are in line with the park’s long-term vision which was created through our engagement with locals at our ‘Share Your Ideas’ and ‘Meet us on the Streets’ events and then with the follow-up comments made on the draft plan.”

Division Seven Councillor Ted Hungerford said the Landscape Plan gave certainty to the park and looked forward to the plan being delivered.

“From the very beginning, the community was proactive in sharing their ideas for Buderim Village Park,” Cr Hungerford said.

“The residents and visitors of Buderim have given us their vision and now we can deliver on it.

“The Landscape Plan we have endorsed today will inform and direct the detailed design, construction and funding processes that are required for the park to be transformed into what will become one of the Coast’s most outstanding outdoor spaces.

“We can now move forward with certainty on what we’re doing with funding allocated through to 2021/22.”

Some of the key components of the Landscape Plan include a village green, a large kick-about area, internal paths, shade trees and garden beds, viewing terraces, a children's play area, barbecue and picnic areas, a multi-functional community events space, a village square, an amenities block and car-parking for park users.

“The view and the large flat open space area were the qualities most of the people who engaged with us liked about the site, while walking and picnicking ranked high for recreational activities,” Cr Dickson said.

Council has allocated $450,000 to Buderim Village Park in its 2015/16 Capital Works Program - part of implementing the landscape plan’s short-term vision for the park.