Possible discharge to the Maroochy River
  • Tuesday 19 August 2008

Sunshine Coast Council advises of the possibility that reduced quality effluent was discharged to the Maroochy River, upstream of the “Cod Hole” today.

Immediate action was taken on discovering a faulty valve at the Nambour Sewage Treatment Plant, with effluent being stored and recycled back through the plant to minimise any environmental impact with the discharge to the River.

As a precautionary measure, warning signs have been erected on the river bank near Oyster Bank Road and Godfrey’s Road and Council advises that primary contact, including recreational activities, should be avoided while signage is in place in this area.

Water quality testing in the river is continuing.

Potable water quality is in no way affected.

Regular and thorough maintenance checks are conducted on equipment throughout the plant and this matter is being thoroughly investigated.