Proposed planning scheme amendments deferred
  • Tuesday 30 September 2014
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Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson has welcomed advice by Sekisui House representatives that the company will carry out community consultation on their proposed development at their Yaroomba site.

The company is proposing to build a five-star international hotel, conference facilities and residential development.

Mayor Jamieson said he understood the company would undertake further consultation next month (October).

“This will provide an opportunity for Sekisui House to present its ideas to the community and for individual and business groups to be fully informed,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“Council has today deferred making any decision on commencing a possible Planning Scheme Amendment for the Yaroomba site until more information is provided on a range of matters.

“I assure residents, businesses and community groups that if Council does decide to commence a Planning Scheme Amendment, full consultation will be undertaken throughout that process as required under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009.

“Submissions and feedback will be sought by Council if and when a Planning Scheme Amendment is placed on public exhibition for comment.”


Step 1 Council decides to make an amendment to the planning scheme

Step 2 Council supplies a copy of the proposed amendment to the Minister, requesting formal review of State Interests.

Step 3 Minister reviews proposed amendment in conjunction with State Agencies.

Step 4 Minister advises of State requirements for the proposed amendment. Council makes any changes to proposed amendment as necessary to accommodate State interests. Minister approves proposed amendment for public notification with or without conditions.

Step 5 Council publicly notifies proposed amendment for a minimum of 30 business days (1.5 months).

Step 6 Council considers all properly made submissions on the proposed amendment, making changes to the amendment if necessary.

Step 7 Council decides whether to proceed with the proposed amendment.

Step 8 If proceeding with proposed amendment, Council supplies proposed amendment to the Minister seeking permission for adoption.

Step 9 Minister decides whether Council may adopt the proposed amendment and whether any new conditions may apply.

Step 10. Council decides whether to adopt the proposed amendment.

Step 11 Council decision announced. If proposed amendment adopted, Council commences a revised version of the planning scheme incorporating the adopted amendment.