Proud to be a TravelSmart School
  • Friday 15 May 2009

Chancellor State College officially launched the regional TravelSmart program today, with students hitting the pavements and ditching the car for Walk Safely to School Day.

Sunshine Coast Council erected a sign, ‘Proud to be a TravelSmart Sunshine Coast School’, which symbolises the commitment Chancellor State College has made to the TravelSmart program.

Councillor Dickson said the school had been working hard with council, to develop their own unique Green Travel Plan.

“The Green Travel Plan systematically looks at how students, parents and teachers are travelling to and from school, and develops strategies that will encourage more walking, cycling, public transport and car pooling,” Cr Dickson said.

“By encouraging their students and families to consider transport alternatives, Chancellor State College has made a significant contribution to reducing traffic congestion around the school precinct.

“The domino effect with this program is that it doesn’t stop with the kids, the whole family get involved and that’s great news.”

TravelSmart Sunshine Coast is a voluntary travel behaviour change program run by Sunshine Coast Council, which promotes and encourages sustainable transport such as walking, cycling, public transport, and car-pooling.

The TravelSmart Sunshine Coast Schools program is currently underway in seven Sunshine Coast schools.