Quick response means Coast is in a great position
  • Saturday 24 July 2010

One year after the Pacific Adventurer oil spill and our region’s coastal environment is in great shape thanks to Council, 32 community groups and Federal Funding of $700k.

Mayor Bob Abbot said the Coast had pulled together and demonstrated a great display of community spirit

“In those first few days after the oil spill hit our coastline, council and the community worked tirelessly to clean up the oil that was flooding onto our beaches and into our rivers,” Cr Abbot said.

“As a community we stepped up and took hold of the situation—we did it quickly and we did it well.

“The money we received from the Federal Government was used to help make our environment stronger and more prepared to cope if a similar situation presented itself in the future.

“The weight of 32 community groups working together with council has shown that we can achieve anything.”

The federal government allocated over $2million to the oil spill recovery project through its Caring for our Country program and SEQ Catchments, who were responsible for devolving the funding, passed the bulk to the Sunshine Coast Council.

The Sunshine Coast’s ability to withstand major impacts has increased tenfold through the following projects that focus not only on ecological response to change, but also in the strength and diversity of our community, government, industry and research partnerships.

These now completed projects will bring long lasting benefits to the Sunshine Coast.

  • dunal rehabilitation on seventeen sites along the coast
  • further support for the turtle conservation program
  • Community-based monitoring of the rocky foreshores
  • training of key personnel in emergency procedures
  • establishment of a new monitoring program for critical frog habitats
  • support of council’s seagrass, mangrove and Reef Check monitoring programs
  • community capacity building in dunal restoration and revegetation
  • increased capacity building for three local native community nurseries
  • a partnership between the University of the Sunshine Coast, Department of Environment and Resource Management and Council, to establish vital ecological baseline data and shoreline accretion/erosion patterns of areas associated with the oil spill disaster to inform the development of a Regional Coastal Management Strategy.

Sunshine Coast Council celebrated the conclusion to all oil spill associated projects today, along with Moreton Bay Council, SEQ Catchments, Environment Minister Peter Garrett and Indigenous traditional owners.