Red tape slashed
  • Thursday 12 March 2009

A new regional compliance and enforcement policy that will improve community and business confidence in council’s regulatory decision making process was endorsed by the Sunshine Coast Council today.

Community Policy and Programs Portfolio holder, Cr Jenny McKay said the policy actively promotes and supports voluntary compliance and self regulation, with enforcement only as a last resort.

“Council has investigated and developed a policy for all regulatory activities undertaken across the region that directly or indirectly affect the entire community, as compliance and enforcement are necessary functions of local government,” Cr McKay said.

The policy was written following the release of a report from the Office of the Queensland Ombudsman detailing the principles of good regulatory practices and how public sector agencies could improve their approach to regulation and build better relationships with stakeholders affected by statutory requirements.

Executive Director Community Services, Lisbet Dean said the policy allows for open and transparent management together with the delivery of a consistent regional approach to compliance and enforcement activities.

“It will be unique to the Sunshine Coast region and the first of its kind adopted by council,” Ms Dean said.

Cr McKay said that by adopting the document, the Sunshine Coast Council will be seen to be making a significant commitment towards improving the quality of its regulation activities and reducing the burden of regulation and risk in the community.

“Council anticipates that business in particular will experience more efficient and consistent advice and that complex and overlapping documentation will be simplified by the policy’s introduction,” Cr McKay said.