Report card on Flood Commission’s recommendations
  • Friday 26 October 2012

Sunshine Coast Council will, over the next five years, systematically implement recommendations of the Queensland Flood Commission of Inquiry.

Action plans outlining priorities and timeframes to ensure council delivers on the final recommendations were adopted at the Ordinary Meeting on 18 October.

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson said that council is committed to enacting the recommendations to ensure the Sunshine Coast region is well prepared to deal with future flood events.

“The Commission’s Interim Report contained 71 recommendations for council action and 51 of these have been completed with the other 20 underway,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“The Final Report has 56 recommendations impacting council, with 35 of these already underway.

“Council will continue to implement the recommendations of the Commission in a thorough and systematic manner.

“A number of the Commission’s recommendations require extensive community education and engagement to inform residents and businesses of the potential impacts of predicted flood levels on properties.”

Some of the recommendations recently implemented include publishing a series of river flood and storm surge information maps that identify flood zones. The flood maps can be viewed on council’s website.

Other activities undertaken include implementation of a program to upgrade council’s network of flood and rain gauges across the region as well as a public education campaign focussed on following four simple steps to prepare for severe weather events. These steps are:
understand the risks and develop an emergency plan

  1. organise an emergency kit
  2. prepare your home and business
  3. tune into warnings.

“Council was at an advanced state of preparing its new planning scheme when the Commission’s final report was released and many of the Commission’s recommendations are addressed in the scheme. For example, inclusion of a flood overlay map using the best available flood information,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“As a result of council actions in implementing the proposed recommendations a number of significant improvements to council’s disaster management operations and response capability are already operational.”