Residents advised to stay clear of waterways and flooded roads
  • Tuesday 02 March 2010

Sunshine Coast Council has added its voice to that of Emergency Services Queensland, to encourage residents to stay clear of waterways and flooded roads during the extreme wet weather.

With rivers, creeks and other waterways at or over capacity, it is critical that residents stay well clear for their own safety.

Drivers are reminded to not drive through flooded sections of road and to listen to the advice of emergency service workers. Council’s website provides updates on which of the region’s local roads are affected by floodwaters visit

Council advises beachgoers not to ignore lifeguard advice and to take note of signs warning of beach closures during this period.

Rough seas and poor water quality resulted in the closure of four beaches today – Peregian, Hyatt, North Coolum and Dicky Beach.

Lifeguard Services Manager Scott Braby said conditions were extremely rough, especially on open beaches, and more beaches could be closed throughout the day.

Council also recommends generally that residents stay out of the water at beaches, lakes and other waterways, particularly near stormwater outlets, as water quality will be at its poorest and submerged objects, snags and other hazards may provide risks to swimmers.

Although generally well coping with the stormwater deluge, council’s sewerage infrastructure can experience surcharges due to the volume of stormwater flowing into sewers.

Council will erect signs in affected areas, warning residents of any hazards or beach closures.

If residents experience any sewage-related problems or see any issues, they are advised to immediately call Council’s Customer Service Centre on 5475 7272.

Visit council’s website for the latest information on road closures.