Restoration of flood damaged creek
  • Wednesday 09 July 2014
Coir log at Currimundi Lake

Stabilisation of the creekbank at Parklea Esplanade Park in Mountain Creek will begin this month.

Division 6 councillor Christian Dickson said it had been a long time coming, but the green light had now been given to get the work under way.

“The community has been asking for this work to be done since flooding eroded the banks,” Cr Dickson said.

“There have been some hurdles to overcome, but perseverance has won the day.

“This location is a popular recreation and walking spot for the local community.

“The focus will be on a 100 metre stretch downstream from the footbridge at the park.

“Compared to some areas upstream, this part of the creekbank is quite stable however some undercutting of the bank during past summer rainfalls episodes has eroded and de-stabilised it.

“The community has rightly been concerned about it ­and now we are resolving the issue.”

To assist in stabilising the creek bank and adjacent riparian areas it is proposed to use a combination of protection works (coir logs placed along the toe) with revegetation using appropriate species to the edge of the existing pathway where appropriate.

“Vegetation is an excellent bank stabiliser, and great effort will be made to keep existing trees, shrubs and grasses, and fauna habitat intact,” Cr Dickson said.

“Fallen trees and woody debris also play an important role in armouring both the bed and bank against erosion and reducing scour by slowing the speed of water adjacent to the stream bank.

“Every effort shall be made to protect all fauna and flora on the worksite.”