Risk management program recognised
  • Monday 26 October 2015
LGM Queensland Risk Management Excellence Awards 2015 trophy

Sunshine Coast Council’s risk management skills were recognised with an excellence award at the recent Local Government Association of Queensland annual conference in Toowoomba.

Council was a joint winner of the excellence award that recognised Council’s efforts over the past year to identify and manage risks. Council’s Risk Awareness Project was considered by the Board of Management of LGM Queensland to have significant potential for other councils in Queensland.

Mayor Mark Jamieson accepted the Local Government Mutual (LGM) Queensland Risk Management Excellence Award at the LGAQ conference before local government leaders from across Queensland.

“We are honoured that the Board of Management of LGM Queensland considered our project to have significant potential and relevance to other councils across the state,” Mayor Mark Jamieson said.

“I am proud of our staff and their achievements and this award is confirmation that our organisation is well-managed from a risk perspective.

“Council’s Risk Awareness Project involved input from more than 100 staff, the CEO and executive management team, audit committee and councillors to identify and manage risk.

“As a result of the project, Council has a thorough understanding of its strategic and operational risks and these risks are closely managed and reported on every three months.”

A notable outcome of the project was the publication of a ‘how to guide’ that outlines an approach the planning of major reviews of organisational risks. This guide is being shared with other councils across Queensland.