Speed prompt for motorist on Glenfields Boulevard
  • Wednesday 26 March 2008

Today at 2pm, the Regional Director of Council’s Community Services department, Lisbet Dean will meet with Queensland Police and Glenfields Neighbourhood Watch representatives to begin implementation of the ‘50 in my street’ campaign.

Glenfields Boulevard is a street with known speed issues therefore to remind motorists of the 50km limit, Neighbourhood Watch will attach large, yellow stickers with the graphics “50 in my Street” to wheelie bins, as a colourful prompt.

This is a joint project between Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Queensland Police and Glenfields Neighbourhood Watch.

Regional Director for Community Services, Lisbet Dean sees this initiative between Council, Queensland Police and the community is the first of many.

“Hopefully this campaign can be used in other speeding hotspots on the Sunshine Coast. With everyone working together residents will feel safer in their streets,” Ms Dean said.

It is expected that on rubbish collection days the appearance of the stickers will serve as a visible reminder to motorists that they are in a residential area where a lower speed limit must be observed and with speed reducing, a safer road environment will result.

Acting Inspector of the Sunshine Coast Police, John Van Egmond believes that this campaign is a positive step in the right direction for the Sunshine Coast,

“This is a valuable initiative which demonstrates community and policing working together to ensure a safe environment for our families and children,” Inspector Egmond said.

The 50km/h speed limit was introduced in residential streets in South East Queensland in March 1999.

This speed limit applies to all residential streets unless otherwise signed and was implemented to reduce the incidence of accidents on our local roads.

Reports from local residents and information from Queensland Police Service indicate that many motorists continue to drive over this limit.

Media are invited to attend the photo opportunity
WHEN: Today, 25 March 2008
WHERE: Outside 62 Glenfields Blvd Mountain Creek
TIME: 2.00pm