Strategy for future of Coast’s rural sector
  • Monday 27 July 2009

Developing and sustaining a strong rural sector is at the heart of a healthy and vibrant Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Council today endorsed a five year Economic Development Rural Action Plan that will provide both council and the region’s rural communities with a roadmap for a bright future.

Economic development portfolio holder Cr Lew Brennan said endorsement of the framework was a great step forward.

“It reinforces council’s commitment to our region’s substantial rural sector,” Cr Brennan said.

“We are committed to working with our rural communities to increase business opportunities, and with the wider community to promote investment opportunities.”

In line with its vision to become Australia’s most sustainable region—vibrant, green, diverse, council is developing a range of strategies to strengthen and grow rural industries.

Complimenting the recently released SEQ Rural Futures Strategy 2009, the Sunshine Coast Rural Futures Strategy will provide the detail and more specifically address the special needs of the Coast’s rural sector.

“I am particularly pleased that the framework highlights the need to work with our rural communities to really understand what is needed at the coalface,” Cr Brennan said.

“Council’s economic development branch will use a rural reference group, comprised of rural community representatives and councillors, to test project proposals to ensure that they are realistic and workable.

“This will be a commonsense strategy with real outcomes. Our rural communities and, indeed, our entire region will be the big winners over the next five years."

Cr Brennan also recognised council’s Economic Development Team and particularly John Elliot for the enormous contribution he's made to the Rural Futures Strategy.