Sunshine Beach State School has got the smarts
  • Monday 21 July 2008

Sunshine Beach State School is an avid supporter of the TravelSmart Noosa Schools Program and it is about to be ‘badged’ with signs that promote its 12-month commemorative status to the world – ‘Proud to be a TravelSmart Noosa School’.

Sunshine Coast Council will install the signs in recognition of the School’s ongoing support that has enabled TravelSmart Noosa to further promote the initiative to the families of Sunshine Beach State School.

“A key feature of the TravelSmart Noosa Schools program is that the kids need only change a few of their weekly single trips to school – opting for cycling or walking or convincing their parents to car-pool for instance, to make a positive impact on their health, the traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions,” said Division 11 Cr Russell Green.

“Traffic around schools is one of the main causes of congestion. If more people walked or cycled with their children to school, there would be less traffic and higher levels of surveillance, making it safer for everyone”.

TravelSmart Noosa is a voluntary travel behaviour change program run by Sunshine Coast Council, which promotes and encourages sustainable transport such as walking, cycling, public transport, and car-pooling. The TravelSmart Noosa Schools program is currently underway in seven local schools.

TravelSmart Noosa project officers work closely with the school working group, comprised of students, teachers and parents, to develop a Green Travel Plan which is unique to each school. The Green Travel Plan systematically looks at how students, parents and teachers are travelling to and from school and develops strategies that will encourage more walking, cycling, public transport and car pooling.